Personal Training

For Your Career

Look. Feel. Achieve

Professional Vogue programs are personal training for your career aspirations. We are a professional advancement organisation.

The nature of work is changing rapidly. Jobs in the future will not be the same as they are now.

The programs at Professional Vogue focus on enhancing your employability or soft skills. This will keep you competitive and relevant in a changing business environment.

You will develop unstoppable confidence by living our mantra:

Look. Feel. Achieve.

To succeed in the business world, you need to be able to:

  • understand others
  • self-reflect
  • continually learn and grow
  • communicate with presence and empathy
  • be assertive and self-confident
  • lead with authenticity
  • be true to your values

We help you to master this.


We take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your career goals, dreams and aspirations.

 We will show you how to ‘kick arse and smash through ceilings’.

The Programs

What we offer

Programs run for 6-8 weeks, 6 months and 12 months.
They include face-to-face coaching sessions with pre-reading and take home activities.
Other modes of delivery can be developed.

Modules within programs can also be purchased separately.

Getting in the door

Are you still in university and want to get ahead of the pack?

This program will help you to professionalise your CV and cover letter, work on your elevator pitch, be interview ready and present your best self.

The Next Step

Are you a recent graduate and want to make your first move?

This program will help you to identify your career strategy, professionalise your CV, refresh your LinkedIn, build resilience and develop important emotional intelligence skills to be competitive.

Stepping Up

Are you ready to step up and make your mark?

This program will assist you in your early career to make your move into middle management. Enhance your emotional intelligence skills, refresh your approach to communication and speak with impact, manage upwards and develop your corporate brand.

The Next Level

Are you ready to take on a senior leadership role?

This program helps you to hone your existing skills and build essential leadership skills that will give you the confidence to take it all to the next level.

Redefine and Renew

Are you returning to work from a break and need a kickstart?

This program will help you to redefine and reignite your career. It focusses on networking, building self-confidence and your corporate brand.

Opening Doors

Are you new to Perth and want to break into the corporate market?

This program will help you to grasp the ins and outs of the Perth corporate market. It focusses on building your corporate brand, your breadth and depth of networks and key communication skills.

About Us

Lisa Kazalac, CEO and Founder


Lisa has two passions in life: fashion and style, and personal development. The creation of Professional Vogue is the realisation of those two passions.

Lisa is a Melbourne girl born and bred and came to live in Perth in 2012. Presented with a major career challenge, Lisa had an opportunity to redefine, redesign and reignite her corporate career aspirations. Within two years in the Perth corporate marketplace, Lisa positioned herself in her first executive role at the Real Estate Institute of WA and now holds a senior leadership position at a member-based not-for-profit. Lisa is a volunteer committee member at the Curtin Graduate School of Business, and Australian Institute of Management Western Australia.

A firm believer in life-long learning and continuous improvement, Lisa completed her MBA at the Curtin Graduate School of Business in 2017 and is always looking for ways to grow both personally and professionally.

Lisa wears her heart on her sleeve. Being values-driven is core to her way of life and those values extend into the business that she has created. Fairness and equality, fun, love, authenticity, family, thoughtfulness and generosity are all manifested in Professional Vogue.

Lisa is focussed on building and developing future leaders and helping men and women make their mark and achieve their goals in corporate WA.


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